$16 sweatshirts? Yep! The year of the sweatshirt has arrived. HUGE savings on COZY sweatshirt collection at only $16

2022 has been deemed “the year of the sweatshirt” and lol.. I can totally attest to the accuracy of this. No matter how I try, I just can’t break out of the hoodie or crew neck sweatshirt era. I mean, how can we when fashion makers keep putting out such comfortable, fun and cozy selections?! After the discounts, you’ll only pay $16 for these super fetch sweatshirts. View the whole collection HERE. I have found you guys some awesomeness once again. In my efforts to bring you the best deals, the most fashionable finds and trendiest clothing for not only you but your whole family, I give you the coolest sweatshirt sale of probably the history of sweatshirt sales     Cents of Style has so many great sweatshirts that it’s hard to choose! The best sellers and favorites are ALL on sale for only $19.99. This means solid crew necks that are at the top of the fashion pyramid right now can all be yours for this price!  Did I mention they have a ton of new colors too? Dress them up or dress them down! There’s nothing to sweat about…Starting at midnight tonight they’ve got easy style for your everyday life on sale as part of their Fashion Friday! $19.99 plus use code WARMTH at checkout and get an ADDITIONAL 20% off! This sweatshirt collection is trendy and cute…perfect for binge watching your fave series or just hanging out. With an amazing mix of new fun colors and styles, we have our eyes on a few that we’ll be wearing all Winter and through the Spring. At a price point like this, with comfy style this cute (and in sizes S – 3X), you are going to want to get them all! Free Shipping on Orders over $40 too! The details on this promotion just keep getting better and better! Click HERE to Shop NOW     This deal is LIVE at midnight with the code WARMTH taking an EXTRA 20% off making this sweatshirt and hoodie collection starting at ONLY $16! These sweatshirts will become the most favorite items in your closet and you’ll regret it if you don’t buy 2 or 3 at these awesome prices–The code is active until 1/25/22 at midnight! See you there, ladies! Disclosure: This page contains affiliate an affiliate link, if you make a purchase using my link, I may make a teeny tiny bit of money, and I’d like you to know, I’ll totally blow it on Shack Shack, should that happen, so it’s going to a good cause, and you’re fueling a busy work-at-home-mama!!  

Beautiful Cardigans on sale for $15.99 + free shipping on orders over $40 from cents of style

Cardigans are perfect for date nights, girl’s nights out, your daily walks, throwing over your jammies in school drop off…and of course a piece that keeps you on trend when you just need an extra layer to warm yourself up! Starting NOW for 2 days only until Wednesday at midnight use code: YOURFAVORITE and get an EXTRA 20% off ALL of these ALREADY REDUCED cardigans AND use code on orders $40 or over and get FREE shipping too! Hurryyyyy y’all! Don’t miss this deal! Hurry before they’re gone! For the next 2 days this amazing collection of cardigans are at earth shattering prices at Cents of Style, but ONLY until supplies last. Choose your favorites, and if you buy 1 or all of them, they’re still only $15.99! Unheard of! They’ve got such fun patterns and solids making it easy to find the perfect one (or three) for you! These will be staple pieces for all of you for 3 seasons of the year! Such versatility! SHOP THIS SWEATER COLLECTION HERE *Disclosure: This page contains affiliate an affiliate link, if you make a purchase using my link, I may make a teeny tiny bit of money, and I’d like you to know, I’ll totally blow it on coffee out, should that happen, so it’s going to a good cause, and you’re fueling a busy work-at-home-mama!! ———————————————————————- Don’t miss anything MamaPacifico is curating or creating, subscribe to our mailing list HERE.  

Brilliant Yet Easy Ways To Update Your Small Business Website for 2022

Brilliant Yet Easy Ways To Update Your Website for 2022 7 Ways to Update Your Small Business Website in 2022 New year. New online you. The small business landscape has shifted significantly over the past year, so it makes sense that your online presence should too. Whether you do most of your business digitally or have just begun dipping your toe into the online world, the start of a new year is an excellent time to update your website. Take some time to think about the way you do business online, and determine what’s working, what’s not working and what may need a new coat of paint. The following seven updates can help ensure your website looks and functions at its best for 2022. Do a basic diagnostic check The beauty (and curse!) of the internet is that it is always changing. Platforms, browsers and functionality are in constant flux, so it’s smart to stay on top of how these changes may affect your site. For example, the recent release of the iOS 15 operation system may cause links, layouts and plug-ins on your website to behave differently than originally intended. Look into the following when updating your small business website to keep in functioning at its best: Bad quality and/or missing images Any user info that is outdated or incorrect Plug-ins that need to be updated Themes that require a redesign or an update Formatting issues Any missing content Gather feedback Your website is a direct representation of you and your small business. To get the most accurate feedback about how your site is truly consumed, you need to reach out to the consumers themselves. Ask your audience about their user experience and how it could be improved with a website update. You may be surprised at their willingness to engage and share their thoughts with you. There are plenty of ways to uncover and organize feedback, such as threads, email campaigns and surveys. Use what works best for you, and commit to making changes to your website that your audience will appreciate. Research the competition Competitive analysis is a helpful tool when discerning how best to operate your small business. When you want to determine what’s working within your consumer landscape, looking over the fence at your neighbor could be exactly the solution you need. This remains true for website functionality. Take the time to surf the sites of your contemporaries, and note what stands out to you, what you’re doing better and what strategies you may be able to employ for your own small business website. Analyze your analytics Looking outward isn’t the only solution. To paint a complete picture of what needs to be updated on your small business site, you’ll want to do a deep dive into current activity. Sift through your analytic data for the following information: Which pages create the highest bounce rate (i.e., when a visitor leaves your site)? Which pages are the most visited? Which pages create the highest level of engagement? Spruce up your SEO New customers mean more potential for revenue. One of the best ways to attract new customers is by making your website highly discoverable through keyword search. Choosing the right keywords through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help your ranking in searches and land you more visitors. SEO can seem daunting, but with a little homework and some helpful tools, you can ensure your site has a significant amount of highly searchable words. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Wordtracker are just two of the options you can use to help boost your search results. Bring more content to the table Customers who visit a website are not likely to stay very long if they aren’t engaged. When thinking of ways to update your website for 2022, keep in mind that many of your customers know what to expect and may have even become fatigued with your content. Don’t be afraid to add new content. For instance, you can: Make videos to easily describe your products and services Create a blog Rewrite sections of your site (factoring in SEO and surveys) Make it accessible If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your small business website, you may need to consider its accessibility. Accessibility refers to how persons with disabilities access and interact with the features and benefits of your site. There are many best practices for ensuring your site is accessible to all, including using alt text captions and multifunction navigation tools. The National Disability Authority has extensive resources to help you make your small business website as accessible as possible. Use the above seven strategies to start 2022 off on a strong note for your small business. More than ever, consumers are turning to digital platforms to do business, so ensuring your small business has its best foot forward in the online world will help you find success and growth in the new year. This is curated content from The UPS Store Website, authored by Alex Penfield. To see the original web post, click HERE . This is NOT original content, and we make no representation that we are the authors. Are you appreciating the content MamaPacifico provides? Click HERE to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss any new blog posts

New Year New You Welcome 2022 in with thoughts of self-care and renewal

New Year New You Welcome 2022 in with thoughts of self-care and renewal I must admit I do a hard eye roll when I hear people use the phrase “New year, New You” lol… because it’s so cliche! I don’t mind the idea behind it, so that got me thinking about featuring awesome ways to create the new you that you’re longing for. I’m not talking about changing your inner self, but implementing methods to make you feel loved. Many women avoid self care because society has taught us to put ourself last. Self care is NOT selfish ladies, no matter what you’ve been told. You are WORTHY and you deserve pampering, nurturing, and encouragement. Let 2022 be the year you begin taking care of your own self! Whether it’s taking time out to meditate, pray, journal, plan, read, or do actual items to help yourself feel loved and taken care of. I’m rounding up some of my favorite items to help you begin your 2022 self care routine. Self Care Finds From MasqueBar I am so very happy I’ve discovered Masquebar from Look Beauty because they believe that there are beauty breakthroughs out there if you look hard enough to find them. And that’s what they do at Look Beauty. Their team travels across Asia, Europe and the Americas to search out factories capable of developing unique products. Their mission is to take you beyond what you will find today in stores and spas. They are determined and will seek out unique products that will make a difference in your beauty regimen. Self Care is Not Selfish! One example of Look Beauty’s go-beyond-the-expected philosophy is our line of do it yourself masques (this is what clinched it for me!). Developed in Korea, these sheet masques are breakthroughs because the serum or essences that are made to treat the skin are either soaked or brushed onto a thin cotton or fiber sheet,that is pre-cut to match the contour of your face. They are also designed with holes to protect your eyes, lips and nostrils. Affordable Self Care! Applied professionally by a beautician, this kind of treatment can cost many times what Look Beauty lets you do at home, for so much less. Nonetheless- If there’s a safe, effective and affordable beauty product or treatment that’s helping women to look their best, the ‘beauty explorers’ at Look Beauty are determined to find it and bring it to you.   Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders Over $35 Infuse your skin with the healing properties of Masque.Bar face masks for a healthy glow. Shop Now. Masque Bar range of face masks caters to every skin concern. Treat yourself with the best. Another reason I love Masque Bar from Look Beauty is they’ve received the leaping bunny certification. What’s that you may wonder?  this means all of the products they offer are certified vegan and they’re also cruelty free! This is SOOOOO Important to me, and I know it is to many of you as well. Visit the MasqueBar from Look Beauty HERE *This product listing contains an affiliate link. If you make a purchase using my link,  I may receive a small amount of compensation , which I’ll totally blow on my guilty pleasures, Sonic or Shake Shack! See my full disclosure here. Sign Up For The Newsletter Here .  The Mama Pacifico Shopping Experience- View The Whole Shop Here