Mama P’s Holiday Gift Guide is Here! Top 10 gift ideas for 2020

Woohoo!!! The holiday roundup is about to go down y’all! Get ready for some awesomeness… I  LOVE LOVE LOVE finding unique gifts for the people on my list, and I’m here to take all the worry, hassle, and frustration out of your holiday shopping. I’m making it easy by doing all the hunting for way cool items (and they won’t break the bank either!) right here! This blog post contains  affiliate links. If you make a purchase using my link,  I may receive a small amount of compensation , which I’ll totally blow on my guilty pleasures, Sonic or Shake Shack! See my full disclosure here. I believe in supporting small shops~ especially this year, 2020 during the covid pandemic. Small businesses need our support more than ever, so I’m choosing to include ONLY items in my gift guide which will help reinforce that value. Here is my holiday gift guide for 2020     1. Crochet mug toppers that match just about any holiday or theme from The Tiered Tray. Priced reasonably from $14-$20 (if you spend $35 or more, you’ll get free shipping too!) Shop Here 2.The Office inspired tees from Serene Studios By Rosy (I’ve purchased from her 3 different times and it’s been an awesome experience, the tees are so soft and the best quality, packaging is fun and she is so nice and has great communication with buyers) Shop Here 3. Welcome to the Shit Show 3-d Wood Sign from KelseysKreationsTX- What a hysterical way to greet guests! lol!! Check out the welcome mats too while you’re there Show some small shop love and  Shop Here 4. Personalized Pet (and other) Christmas ornaments from Fieldtrip. I have ordered from her 3 times and have been pleased every single time. They’re a meaningful gift~Many breeds to choose from, I really like the watercolor aesthetic,  and I love her mugs too! Shop Here 5. What the FORK is for dinner? sign ~ If you’re a farmhouse style fan, this is so cute! Spend $35 in their shop and get free shipping – also, while you’re there check out the discontinued candles that are on sale, they’d be great for stocking stuffers. Shop Here 6. Rae Dunn Inspired vinyl decals for your own DIY projects, check out this shop. She has a great variety and they ship quickly. Shop Here 7. If you know anything about felted wool, you’ll know that it’s really, really difficult to make small things as detailed as these 3 shepherds are! Look at the hair and beards! Eeks!  (This 3pc set is an add on to CraftTalesShop’s amazing nativity sets!!) , the detail is incredible on her creations! Shop Here 8. OBXBeachStore is your one stop destination for all things beachy ~if you dig that coastal vibe , or you have beach bum on your shopping list, then you NEED to look around at this shop. I love this starfish Christmas tree topper! They have some really unique and nicely made items for those who crave the sun on their face and their toes in the sand. Shop Here 9. Do you have a fashionista on your list? Be sure to stop over at Angel By Silvia for stunning wool looks – I fell in love with this vest, isn’t it so very WOW? Show some small shop love and check out her shop for really cool items, I particularly loved the leather necklaces and 2 piece sets. Shop Here 10. Here’s one for your little dapper dudes.. the cutest bowties from Pink Peony By Christy. Head over heels in love with this London / Union Jack fabric! How cute is this?! So many other prints to choose from – everything from buffalo plaid for the holidays to polkadots, stripes, solids and even Disney too! They’re all SUPER reasonably priced also –  Shop Here I hope this has given you a little inspiration, the wide variety at Etsy is why I shop there , and the fact that I can support small shops at the same time is a bonus! During these challenging times for small business, please consider shopping Etsy for handmade and vintage items. Shop Etsy HERE   Worried about not getting it on time? Check out this Etsy Gift Guide with FAST shipping items.  Pickier than picky friends on your holiday shopping list? Giving an Etsy gift card is the right gift every single time because they can choose exactly what they want, no returns and no re-gifting worries! View Gift Card Options Here   Follow Mama Pacifico on Instagram and Sign Up For The Newsletter Here .  The Mama Pacifico Shopping Experience- View The Whole Shop Here

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Research Shows the Best Resumes and Cover Letters Use These Words and Phrases

Research Shows the Best Resumes and Cover Letters Use These Words and Phrases (in Moderation) If you want to land an interview, create resumes and cover letters that are light on self-promotion and heavy on ingratiation. While your résumé won’t get you the job you really want, if you’re following a standard hiring process, a good cover letter and résumé are necessary to get you to the next stage, the interview (which is when you had better be ready for the most commonly asked job interview questions). Oddly enough, though, “good” doesn’t necessarily mean standing out from the crowd, taking a clever new approach, or simply making sure you don’t use some of the sillier words people tend to use to describe themselves. Researchers at the University of Michigan undertook a study “systematically examining the impression management (IM) content of actual résumé​s and cover letters and empirically testing the effect on applicant evaluation.” Or, in non-researcher-speak, they tried to figure out what works and what doesn’t. They broke impression management — trying to influence the opinions of others — down into eight basic categories: Four involved self-promotion (“I’m so darned awesome”) Three involved ingratiation (“Your organization is so darned awesome and I would love to work there”) One was a hybrid category, an expression of personal values that also reflects on the company (“I’m so darned passionate about taking on challenges and would love to embark on your incredible mission with you”) For example, self-promotion involved the use of adjectives: efficient, organized, experienced, creative, articulate, energetic, confident, dependable, results-oriented, professional, motivated, proficient, skilled, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, dedicated, focused, industrious … Self-promotion also involved statements like, “Designed, negotiated, and wrote new financing agreements never before done on x, far exceeding the national average.” And those old standbys, “My work experience and education uniquely qualify me for the position” and “I am a perfect match for this position.” Ingratiation could be institutional. You might say, “The university is a renowned institution. Go, (university team nickname)! The campus possesses beautiful natural grounds and extensive facilities for educating students. It is with great pleasure that I’m seeking to explore an employment opportunity within your organization.” Or it could be individual, in which case you might say, “I would very much like the opportunity to discuss, in person, how I might add value to x. It is my sincere hope that we will meet for an interview to discuss this position. Thank you for your time and consideration.” Or you could really try to bring it home with, “I enjoy the challenges of implementing new programs and building successful teams. I have a true desire to make a positive difference in the lives of college students. In previous positions, I have approached them as opportunities for career enhancement and discovery. I’ll bring the same entrepreneurial spirit to this job. I’m excited for the opportunity for an effective partnership.” I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen all that before. None of it stands out. But it works. Here are some of the key findings from the research: 1. “Male applicants engage in more frequent self-promotion and use more intense self-promotion tactics than female applicants. (No surprise there.) 2. “Job postings that contain more IM-inducing content will elicit more frequent use of IM-relevant words in résumé​s and cover letters than postings with less IM-inducing content.” In short, the more frequently an organization uses words like excellent, outstanding, and superior in job postings, the more likely it is to get cover letters and résumé​s that include those words. 3. “The less intense self-promotion condition will result in more positive evaluations of job fit and organizational fit compared to the more intense self-promotion and no self-promotion conditions.” Yep: As in many things, it’s all about moderation. Candidates who don’t self-promote at all end up in the “no” pile. But so do those who go crazy with the self-promotion, especially when it doesn’t match their actual accomplishments. Why? 4. “More intense self-promotion will result in higher ratings of manipulativeness compared to the less intense self-promotion and control conditions.” But there is one place where taking a strong position does matter. 5. “When ingratiation tactics are included in the cover letter, organizational fit is expected to be rated higher than when ingratiation tactics are not included.” So while it does sound like a cliché to say something like, “Your company is changing the world and I would love to be a part of it,” it works. According to the researchers, “Ingratiation in the form of expressing values similar to those of the hiring institution or organization is likely to increase perceptions of person-organization fit. Furthermore, the goal of ingratiation is to increase one’s likability, and its use has been found to have a significant effect on judgments of interpersonal attraction which has been linked with organizational fit perceptions.” In other words, organizations want you to say you embrace their values and their mission. Which is why successful candidates do just that. Takeaways If you’re hiring, think about the language you use in your job postings. In all likelihood, what you will get back is what you put out — which often does little to help you find the perfect candidate for your job. If you ask for adjectives, you’ll get adjectives. A better approach is to say you’re seeking a person with certain accomplishments — then you can decide whether what the candidate has done matches up with what you need him or her to actually do. If you’re a job candidate, read the job posting carefully. Your goal is to strike the right balance of self-promotion. If the posting includes a lot of superlatives, feel free to use a few yourself. (That’s what they’re looking for.) But don’t go too crazy. If the job posting is light on superlatives, go light — otherwise, your “more intense” self-promotion will be seen as manipulative. And if you’re a woman, chances are your natural tendency is to go light on self-promotion, so consider taking it up a notch. And no matter who you are, say you want the job — and why you want the job. Explain why you’ll be a great cultural fit. Remember, “expressing values similar to those of the hiring institution or organization is likely to increase perceptions of person-organization fit.” Say that you’ll fit, and say why you will fit. All of which means you can’t create a boilerplate cover letter and résumé to use for every opening. Not only do you need to tailor your skills and qualifications that you mention to the particular opening, you also need to tailor your self-promotional language to that of each job posting. If you want to get the interview, that is Inc. – Written By Jeff Haden- Published using Creative Commons Licensure. View the original article Here