I know about germs
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I know about germs : Empowering little ones during the pandemic


I know about germs

I can’t lie, I love fall most of all but wow, 2020 sure has been a whopper of a year, hasn’t it? It’s been the year of the unthinkable. We’ve never seen anything like this. With the changing of each season, I feel renewed hope though

  • Hoping that a vaccine will come
  • Hoping that we’ll get some real change in the political and cultural climate in our country
  • Hoping that we’ll get some good treatments for this horrible virus.
  • Hoping we can get people back to work in some way
  • Hoping we can get out kids safely back learning in their schools.

I never thought we’d be approaching fall still dealing with all of this stuff! I’ve got my positive pants on though, and I’m trying to make the most of it. All the bad news can be so depressing for us adults, it’s hard not to focus on the negative rather than take the time to also focus the good coming out of it too. I truly believe the pause in our hurried, busy society has finally given us an opportunity to focus on what truly matters like family, making memories, and the little things in life. If all the bad news can be so overwhelming for us, can you imagine how confusing and scary it must feel for our kids? They may not know how to put their feelings into words so it’s up to us to start that conversation with them mamas!

Let’s get the conversation started!

recently met the author of a wonderful children’s book called, “I know about Germs”and I wanted to share it with all of you. This fantastic book is written by licensed clinical social worker, Tedi McVea. It’s Illustrated with cute drawings by Noel de la Mora. The book explains, in children’s terms what is happening right now. In terms that are easy to understand, it explains all about how we can all stay safe during the pandemic by washing our hands, wearing masks, and socially distancing.

I know about germsThe message in this book gives children ages 2-8 the tools they need to feel empowered, rather than scared during this time. It helps them understand what germs and viruses and how they’re transmitted.. The book explains the happenings in the world around us in language kids can understand and it’s engaging for little ones. They seem to love it and are enthralled in the message. It’s science-based but not over their heads at all.

What I especially like about the book is the culturally diverse children in the illustrations. I think it’s important for children to see themselves reflected in media and literature so the message resonates with any little one who picks up this book.

I know about germs

Author Bio:

Tedi McVea is a Mother, photographer, and social worker. McVea combines her professional training as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with her personal experience as a Mom of three “little bears.” Through various content mediums, McVea brings light to the trials and tribulations that come along with motherhood and womanhood raising children in our current political and social environment. McVea regularly works with other Mom brands to promote representation of all beauty types and strongly feels that when children look to the world, they should interpret open access regardless of their race, gender, religion, social-economic status, or family structure.  McVea’s work specifically focuses on integrating holistic and natural methods to health and healing, acknowledging emotions and validation of the human experience, addressing social issues through the lens of confronting privilege, and building community by bridging gaps through the shared vision of the love of children. Follow McVea on Instagram

Check it out McVea’s book:  I know about Germs,  it’s available in paperback and a digital download version on Amazon

It is published by Auris Press 

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