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Our community has many benefits beyond social media growth

Our society is exclusive. Many will join, but the hard and honest truth is that not all will be able to commit to their growth in a way that will bring real results. Our society comes with awesome perks and benefits but real growth requires commitment, dedication, and a vision.

Our society will help women beyond the foremost goal of social media growth. Membership in the Illuminati Ladies Society will bring about some very meaningful personal and business achievements.

  • Members can expect to observe personal growth when involved in the society’s groups that exude a positive community atmosphere laden with organization tips, goal setting, coaching, mentorship, personal accountability partnered with encouragement.
  • Small business owners can expect a growth explosion in their skill sets with content sharing and blogging with topics including blogging, sales techniques, marketing, public relations, promotion, branding, advertising, product photography, product sourcing/wholesaling, team-building, mentorship, and leadership skills, in addition to a host of others.
illuminati ladies

Illuminati Ladies Society is also where we will powerfully connect brands and influencers. We will assist influencers to grow and expand their connections as well as skills and knowledge about organic marketing and sway. We will support brands, businesses, and marketing organizations to achieve their goals by reaching brand and product recognition; as well as assist in expanding their digital recognition goals. They’ll begin to increase sales and excitedly, reach new markets~ all with the help of Illuminati Lady Society influencers, brand ambassadors and mini-influencers skilled in social media marketing, sway and promotion.

Influencer Profiles:

Influencers can sign up for a FREE public profile where brands and businesses can learn about them, view their social media accounts and see them in action. Brands can private message influencers and reach out to them and see if they’d be interested in working with them on a campaign.

Join, and Register for a Free Profile HERE

Coming 2021 For Brands:

Brands will be able submit campaigns (paid or unpaid, with or without product gifting opportunities) for influencers based on a set of criteria (number of followers, type of account such as travel or parenting etc) to which influencers can private message the brand contact to submit to be considered for the campaign.

Join, And Register for a Free Brand Account HERE

We will notify you as soon as the campaign feature is available


  • Lifestyle content
  • Social media + Influencer Topics & Tips
  • Photography Tips
  • Product, Class And Webinar Suggestions
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • Growing Your Following
  • Engagement and Networking Conversations
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Getting Paid Sponsorships
  • Mini Influencer Topics (Children/Momagers)

  • Which platforms to focus on based on your target market
  • Growth Ideas and Social Media Marketing Coaching
  • Product Photography Tips
  • Using Models or Influencers
  • Blogging + Email Marketing
  • Public Relations/Promotions and reaching your target market
  • Spreading the good news about what you do + Giving Back
  • Packaging your products
  • Selling platforms and how to choose your venue
  • Non-traditional ways of marketing your brand/business: thinking outside the box
  • Suggested reading

We're In This Together And

We want real connections and friendships to develop, we want everyone to succeed, and for real success to come as a result of our community. Sharing our successes, triumphs and accomplishments is cornerstone to encouraging each other!

We have group discussion boards to share our questions and struggles but also to share our growth and wins too! We’re in this together, it’s an exciting time for all of us:  brands, bloggers, influencers, and women in general~ together we are unstoppable!