Mama Pacifico has, at its heart, a passion for self-expression through creativity, learning, and discovery. In high school, I was that girl who was a total rebel. I was always questioning the rules and resisting as to why we had to conform. Later in life, I felt I had finally found others who wondered and questioned the same way I did.  I had at long last found my tribe. As I evolved as a person, artist, strong alpha female, and writer, I realized it was okay to not fit in! What a relief! It’s been a joy to learn to trust the process of self-discovery. In 2020 during the era of COVID-19 and working from home, and raising my family consisting of a husband, kids and animals;  I began further pondering about this journey we call life, it’s implications and I was surprised to feel something beginning to awaken in me that was calling me to write again. This inner voice was calling me to share my perspective as well as discoveries that can help us express our uniqueness and true selves. I began a journey inward and deep reflection and voila! Mama Pacifico was born. This is a social experiment at the same time as a small business venture to see if it’s sustainable for myself and my little family.

As We Embark On This Journey We Will Focus On:

  • Fabulous fashion trends for every woman’s body type-every body shape and size is beautiful, ladies!
  • Simple living and appreciating the little things that can bring us joy (which we often take for granted)
  • Recipes for home-style cooking and comfort food that will gratify that need for  a little bit of  home and tradition in our modern lives
  • Ideas for transforming living spaces. Inspiration for making them our own in small but meaningful ways
  • DIY and creative projects to satisfy the crafty side of you
  • Small business helps, tips and tricks I’ve learned and want to pass on to save you the work, frustration and time it took me to learn what I’ve learned.
  • #Momlife thoughts, inspirations, and parenting insights
  • My personal faith journey and musings about life and the rapidly changing social climate all around us in the age of political and civil unrest, upheaval and what it means to try and raise healthy, well-adjusted children in the middle of it all.

Trust The Process:

We live in a rushed, over-scheduled, complicated world where we’re all just trying to figure out who we are, what we want, and where we’re going.  Join us on this journey of self-exploration called life, Mama Pacifico is a non-judgmental breath of fresh air blog.